About Us

Saumitra Singh

Saumitra Singh founded the company “Shiprartz” in March 2010. Our focus verticals provide specialized solutions for content makers in the film industry with a desire to break the trap of visual mediocrity through its people, its relationships, its work and the results achieved. In today’s communication scenario, it’s not just enough to have a strong idea. What the idea needs is an articulation that is unique and refreshing. We pride ourselves on providing real solutions that cater to today’s requirement of creating disruption and getting the desired attention. Shiprartz provides end-to-end solutions across on films (feature & short), branding, digital and publicity design.

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1812, 18th Floor, Aradhana Gurunanak Tower,

Near Om Heera Panna Mall, Oshiwara,

Jogeshwari West, Mumbai 400102

saum.shipra@gmail.com | (+91) 9899750335